Shodan Eye - Security Search Engine

Shodan Eye is Search Engine API which is for searching devices in the internet. Shodan Eye is forked from Ms Jolanda de Koff's Shodan Eye v1.2.0 which is written in Python 2.7.x.

Samiux modified it to Python 3.7.x and enhanced some features as well as fixed some minor bugs. This fork version is provided a free API Key for all users.

This forked Shodan Eye is released under GPLv3 by Samiux.


sudo apt install python3-shodan

tar -xvzf shodan-eye-1.2.0b.tar.gz
cd shodan-eye

sha256sum 270d2fbd65c63cb11483df3e2770e5d0542dd435af5920b521a84700e1dc799a shodan-eye-1.2.0b.tar.gz

Change Log

Version 1.2.0a
Released on OCT 05, 2019 GMT+8
[+] Forked from Ms Jolanda de Koff's Shodan Eye v1.2.0
[+] Modified to Python 3.7.x
[+] Write output to file
[+] Minor improvement
[+] Minor Bug fixed
[+] Add free API Key

Version 1.2.0b (Stable, Latest)
Released on OCT 10, 2019 GMT+8
[+] Minor modification