Kali Linux Lite Docker For Lightweight Pentesting

Offensive Security builds a Kali Linux base Docker image which do not have any tool on it. Meanwhile, there is no graphic interface (Display Manager) too.

Kali Linux Lite Docker is a bundle of scripts to generate Docker image for lightweight pentesting purpose. Not all the tools available in Kali Linux are on the generated image. If so, it takes more that 20GB spaces and it breaks the policy of the Docker - microservices. The image is trying to keep it as small as possible. The Kali Linux Lite Docker image can be ran on Linux without any problem. However, when it is running on macOSX, there may be some problems for reverse shell. The scripts are released under GPLv3 by Samiux.

The script will generate an image of around 4-5GB in size. This image include the following command line (text mode) tools :

(A) Scanners
- nmap, wpscan, dirb, masscan, unicornscan, netdiscover

(B) Exploitation
- metasploit-framework exploitdb sqlmap

(C) Debuggers and Compilers
- gdb gdb-doc, gdb-peda, build-essential

(D) Webshells and network tools
- net-tools, webshells, weevely netcat

(E) CTF related
- steghide xxd


Kali Linux Lite Docker is an Open Source Project which is released under GPLv3 License and it is developed by Samiux.

A Quick Guide to GPLv3
GNU General Public License Version 3.0


If you like our project, please show your support by sending the donation to Paypal (infosecninjas AT gmail DOT com) in USD or HKD currency. You need a Paypal account for the donation.

Change Log

Version 0.1
Released on Feb 01, 2019 GMT+8
[+] First release

Version 0.2
Released on Feb 07, 2019 GMT+8
[+] Add save_image.sh script

Version 0.3
Released on Feb 10, 2019 GMT+8
[+] Some improvement

Version 0.4
Released on Feb 11, 2019 GMT+8
[+] Some improvement

Version 0.5
Released on Feb 15, 2019 GMT+8
[+] Some improvement

Version 0.6 [Latest, Stable]
Released on Feb 17, 2019 GMT+8
[+] Some improvement


sha256sum fd4270df9efca0daf7ead24fde4b0588339a205d0888d9b12f3e58e7217dcbbb kali-lite-docker-0.6.tar.gz

wget https://www.infosec-ninjas.com/files/kali-lite-docker-0.6.tar.gz
tar -xvzf kali-lite-docker-0.6.tar.gz
cd kali-lite-docker

Before starting, you need to install Docker on your host machine. Please refer to Docker website for details.

Installation of Docker on Ubuntu

sudo apt update
sudo apt dist-upgrade
sudo apt install docker.io docker-compose

sudo systemctl enable docker

Kali Lite Docker Image Generation

sudo ./build-image.sh

Run Kali Lite Docker (Docker Container)


Connect to running container


Copy file to Container

./docker-copy.sh [FILE] [CONTAINER]

Copy file from Container

./docker-copy-from.sh [CONTAINER]:[FILE] [FILE]


How to update the image?

Make sure the Kali lite docker container is running and update the packages inside by following commands :


After the update and make sure the container is still running, open another terminal and run the following command :


The image is then up-to-date. Meanwhile, you can store data inside "data" at root directory inside the container.

The file stored at "data" directory in the container is stored at "/var/lib/docker/volumes/" on the host.

How to delete host "volumes" on macOSX?

screen ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/vms/0/tty

Press "Enter".

cd /var/lib/docker/volumes

To exit, press "CTRL+a+d"

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