Capture The Flag - Zico2 : 1

Capture the Flag : Zico2 v1
Difficulty : Beginner/Intermediate

Zico2 : 1 is talking about Zico is trying to build his website but is having some trouble in choosing what CMS to use. After some tries on a few popular ones, he decided to build his own. Was that a good idea?

Zico2 : 1 is simulate a real world scenario. The file format is OVA which can be imported to VirtualBox without problem. It is also running flawlessly with NAT Network interface and getting IP address by DHCP.

It can be downloaded at VulnHub.

sha256sum e8fc3df51c28cf4e0d09a134ad227a519a6736cd0f7c93951e1e9fee25effdad CTF-Zico2v1.pdf

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Virtualbox - Virtual Machine
VulnHub - Vulnerable by Design