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Capture the Flag : JIS-CTF : VulnUpload
Difficulty : Beginner

The JIS-CTF : VulnUpload (VulnUpload) virtual machine (VM) is created by Mohammad Khreesha. There is a total of five flags to capture. According to the creator, it takes 1.5 hours on average to find all the flags. This is mainly designed for beginners.

The format is OVA which can be imported to VirtualBox without any problem. The VM can be downloaded from VulnHub.

The VM is running flawlessly in NAT Network interface and the IP address can be obtained by DHCP.

sha256sum 2acfbd371f06e5e81765042624b1ee307f1c916b46384a6ec2c1b0f8db08cf14 JIS-CTF-VulnUpload.pdf

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