Capture The Flag - DerpNStink : 1

Capture the Flag : DerpNStink v1
Difficulty : Beginner/Intermediate

DerpNStink : 1 is talking about Mr. Derp and Uncle Stinky are two system administrators who are starting their own company, DerpNStink. Instead of hiring qualified professionals to build up their IT landscape, they decided to hack together their own system which is almost ready to go live ....

There are 4 flags to capture. The virtual machine file is in OVA format that VirutalBox can be imported without any problem. The IP address can be obtained via DHCP. It is also running flawlessly in NAT Network interface.

The VM can be downloaded at VulnHub.

sha256sum 493032a52637263a70e46eb3384a4596d4ac3d9d19e76307db85a18c7cbc4a1b CTF-DerpNStinkv1.pdf

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Virtualbox - Virtual Machine
VulnHub - Vulnerable by Design