Capture the Flag - BSides Vancouver 2018

Capture the Flag : BSides Vancouver 2018 (Workshop)
Difficulty : Beginner

BSides Vancouver 2018 (Workshop) is a Boot2root challenge aim to create a safe environment where you can perform real-world penetration testing on an (intentionally) vulnerable target.

This is released in the format of OVA that it can import to VirtualBox without problem. The network interface is set to NAT Network that it can ping all virtual machines (VMs) in the NAT Network as well as internet.

The VM can be downloaded at VulnHub

sha256sum ee4a1bba2ed1ec326c364de7f5fa6b641be61e0bf693c6ffe7cd6bca817fc7bd BSides-Vancouver-2018.pdf

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Virtualbox - Virtual Machine
VulnHub - Vulnerable by Design