Capture The Flag - BlackMarket

Capture the Flag : BlackMarket 1
Difficulty : Beginner/Intermediate

BlackMarket is a Capture the Flag virtual machine that created by AcEb0mb3R (@Acebomber911). It can be downloaded at VulnHub.

BlackMarket virtual machine (VM) presented at Brisbane SecTalks BNE0x1B (28th Session) which is focused on students and other InfoSec Professional. This VM has total 6 flags and one r00t flag. Each Flag leads to another Flag and flag format is flag{blahblah}.

The difficulty level is between Beginner and Intermediate. The VM format is OVF which can be imported to VirtualBox version 5.2.12 (or above) without any problem.

Under VirtualBox version 5.2.12 (or above), it is running flawlessly with NAT Network interface. The IP address range is by default. All the NAT Network VM can be ping each other and internet with the host network interface.

When BlackMarket VM is boot up at VirtualBox, it gets the IP address by DHCP.

sha256sum c9cd85385aae140b9df3250e65321cd25cf703a7dba168aaee28fd52bf1daa1d CTF-BlackMarket.pdf

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