Croissants 牛角面包

Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Networks and computers that are open to the public facing hacker attacks from all over the world every day. Once we are compromised, we would be one of the cyber crime victims. Our tasty Croissants is a high performance and ultra-low latency Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS). It is ideal for home, Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and Small Medium Business (SMB).

Not a Network Security Monitoring (NSM) or Information Security (InfoSec) expert? No problem! Our Croissants really is the "Plug, Play and Forget" system of your dreams. Don't be the next cyber crime victim, try Croissants now!

Croissants is designed by a hacker to defend against hackers. He knows what hackers are doing and thinking, regardless of whether they are ethical or malicious.


- Block known malicious activities
- Block known malware and virus
- Block known network scanning activities
- Easy and straight forward web interfaces
- Compatible with Bittorrent and 4K video streaming
- Ultra-low latency for demanding online games
- Compatible with Microsoft Windows, GNU Linux, Apple macOS, Apple iOS and Google Android
- Reasonable price
- Online supports
- Automatically update and upgrade
- Push update and upgrade
- Plug, Play and Forget!

Please contact us for the pricing and details as well as demo.