Althon 速龙

Essential packages installation script for Blackarch Linux

Althon is a bash script to install essential packages and bugs fix to Blackarch Linux for Fluxbox Windows Manager. It is for root user only. This script is developed by Samiux and it is Open Source under GPLv3 License.

I am not sure if most the bugs that fixed by the Althon are caused by installing via the Live ISO of Blackarch or not.


(1) update_blackarch (Blackarch update script)
(2) pcmanfm (File Manager)
(3) USB Storage Auto Mount

Bugs Fixed

(1) Fluxbox menu application launch
(2) gef launch
(3) MobSF launch and PDF generation for UTF-8 encode



sha256sum c9d2a51952f1b4270d312730b491faa21149e3bebc24f9ee8c68b71cf60bdaf2 althon-0.7.tar.gz

Change Log

NOV 24, 2019 - Version 0.1
[+] First release

NOV 25, 2019 - Version 0.2
[+] Fix Fluxbox menu applications launch bug
[+] Fix minor reboot hooks bug

NOV 26, 2019 - Version 0.3
[+] Fix gef launch bug
[+] Add hints for installation of wordlists, exploits and etc
[+] Install CJK fonts

NOV 27 2019 - Version 0.4
[+] Add some packages

NOV 28 2019 - Version 0.5
[+] Add some packages
[+] Fix MobSF bugs

NOV 28 2019 - Version 0.6
[+] Add control key shortcuts

NOV 30 2019 - Version 0.7 (Stable, Latest)
[+] Some improvement


tar -xvzf althon-0.7.tar.gz
cd althon


(1) Update/Upgrade Blackarch Linux


(2) File Manager


(3) USB Storage Auto Mount

Insert the USB driver and the device icon is on the right hand side of the task bar at the bottom of the screen.

The device is mounted to /media/<DEVICE>

(4) Screen casting


(5) Screenshot


(6) Note pad


(7) Volume control


(8) Partitioning


(9) HexChat IRC


(10) Control key shortcuts

CTRL ALT t : Launch Terminal
CTRL ALT b : Launch Firefox
CTRL ALT l : Launch LeafPad Editor
CTRL ALT r : Launch RecordMyDesktop (ScreenCast)
CTRL ALT s : Launch ScreenGrab (ScreenShot)
CTRL ALT f : Launch File Manager
CTRL ALT h : Launch HexChat
CTRL ALT g : Launch gparted
CTRL ALT x : Exit Window Manager


wordlistctl -H (Help for wordlists, e.g. rockyou.txt)
spolitctl -H (Help for exploit database other than exploit-db)

msfdb-blackarch init (to initialize msfdb)
msfdb-blackarch reinit (to re-initialize msfdb)
msfdb-blackarch stop (to stop msfdb)
msfdb-blackarch start (to start msfdb)
msfdb-blackarch status (to check msfdb status)
msfdb-blackarch run (to start msfdb and run msfconsole)


It is designed for Fluxbox Windows Manager of Blackarch only.